Rehabilitation aids for children from Belarus

In the Lithuanian city of Druskininkai – a small resort on the banks of river Nemunas – there is a sanatorium, called Belorus. The sanatorium was built during the times of the Soviet Union, and altough it stands on Lithuanian territory, it belongs to Belorus.

Each year up to 4000 ill Belarusian children are treated in this rehab clinic. Many of them come from areas, still affected by Chernobyl disaster.

Among those 500 children with serious disabilities and are therefore have to be accompanied by their mother or father. Most of them suffer from cerebral palsy.

All of them require urgent assistance.

Essential equipment includes:

  • Child-friendly wheelchairs
  • Rollators for children
  • Walking frames for children
  • Strollers for disabled people
  • Toys for disabled
  • Rehabilitation assistance of all kinds

If donor’s permission is granted, some children can take the rehabilitation equipment home to Belarus.

We are constantly searching for individuals and organisations, which would be ready to provide the necessary equipment or to make donations for purchasing and transportation.

The equipment will be transported by us to Lithuania.

Here the help comes directly!

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